overhaul / undertow

Sunday, June 09, 2002


I am going to paint on my face and pretend to be...okay.

and so, in the interest of normality,

the overhauls from the last two shows.


dismemberment plan, bra
wilco, hotel arizona
afghan whigs, going to town
shallac, squirrel song
clem snide, ice cube
bevis frond, looks like rain
lush, light from a dead star
bjork, joga
pixies, hey and gouge away
creeper lagoon, empty ships
the shins, caring is creepy
wilco, via chicago
juno, the great salt lake / into the lavender crevices of evening...
sugar, come around
weakerthans, without mythologies
son volt, jodel
modest mouse, i came as a rat
son volt, medicine hat
twilight singers, king only
idlewild, these wooden ideas
red house painters, byrd joel
dismemberment plan, superpowers
juno, when I was in...
whiskeytown, turn around

unbelievable truth, finest little space
modest mouse, paper thin walls
the shins, caring is creepy
creeper lagoon, drink and drive
clikitat ikatowi, identity crisis
cursive, tides rush in
spiritualized, don't just do something
pixies, break my body
actionslacks, folding chair
sugar, gee angel
unbelievable truth, solved
radiohead, fake plastic trees
lush, kiss chase
whiskeytown, inn town
buellton, single
wilco, via chicago
clem snide, lets explode / no one's more happy than you

I am having a hard time breathing, and I'm a little shaky.

Maybe I need some food.



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