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Thursday, August 29, 2002

links, links, links. She's not writing anything though! Fer cryin out loud!

Oh, but these are cool: the best product names ever, the weirdest and lamest. Click on each one for a little explanation.


Yeah yeah, I know my longer spiels have been limited the last few posts. So scroll down already.

I promise I'll blather on lamely about some point or another shortly. Got a few bits saved at home...

Meanwhile, I'm actually working.....

and did you ever think about the words meanwhile, or meantime? Implying that said time, basically time spent....well, waiting and doing very little of note, is....mean. Not mean in the sense of stealing your lunch money, but mean in terms of cheap, bitter, tiny, petty, stingey. Pointing up the fact, I guess, that said time spent doing little of note is the kind of time, and the kind of feeling, that makes you feel...slightly abused.

See? I wrote after all.




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