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Saturday, November 19, 2005

life update

So after a few months of interning at Whole Life Times and the LA Alternative Press, I was offered a job--a dream job.

The LA Alternative Press was at a crossroads. After three years of slow growth and barely covering expenses, for the owner/publisher it was a decision between two things: close up the paper and get a "real job" like his wife suggested (the better to support their two very little girls), or find an investor and re-launch the paper. A re-launch would have to bring on support staff, because he couldn't continue to sell all the ads, pay all the bills, and do all the layout himself.

A friend of the publisher stepped in to invest, so the paper closed down for a month to reorganize. I was hired as Managing Editor, to help the publisher with all his duties and to help with the content and writing.

We launch on December 2. We'll be weekly, instead of biweekly like we used to be. We'll have more pages. And I'll be getting paid to be one of the people in charge!!!

Life is so weird. So much has happened this last year. It's amazing.


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