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Wednesday, May 08, 2002

coolest things to listen to right now:

Wilco, "Hotel Arizona"--that harpsichord synth[?] at the end is brilliantly poignant. And the lyrics: proving that carefully studied simplicity often creates the most impact.
Dismemberment Plan, "Girl O'Clock"--No, that is not a drum machine. It is a human, and a very nice one, who let my friend Vanessa in to see their show last month at the El Rey, when I couldn't snag her an extra ticket. Points for both kickin' ass on the drum kit as well as being a real awesome guy.
Dntel, "This Is The Dream of Evan and Chan"--An incredible pairing, Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel) with Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie)--it really shows how versatile Ben can be, and it sticks in your head like...um...something that really sticks in your head. It's lovely.

Anyhoo, I've gotten some more feedback on the other site, most of which has been overwhelmingly positive, so I'm happy. I donno what I was thinking when I asked for feedback...I mean, no one wants to hear "Your writing really needs work." But no one's said that yet. Phew.


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