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Wednesday, May 01, 2002

The overhaul goes on the netwaves tonight at 11pm, pst, on http://www.killradio.org.

Internet radio stations nationwide are shutting off today in protest of upcoming CARP legislation--that is, legislation that threatens to require all internet casters to pay major fees to huge corporations for the music they play.

Honestly, I pay a shitload for my cd's. I know with certainty I maxed out at least two of my five credit cards on cd's alone (we're talking limits of 2000, 3000 dollars each time). We have an anemic studio library mostly made up of demos, which hardly anyone utilizes; most Killradio dj's buy their own cd's/vinyl to play on their shows. The notion of paying additional fees on top of this is jawdropping to me. It would crush us, we'd never be able to pay.

This link explains everything.

We won't be going dead today, as no one listens to us anyway, so we hardly would be making a point; plus we're all punk-rock and some shit and we're gonna do it our way anyway, no matter what those people tell us to do [/sarcasm]. But I hope every dj discusses it on their shows. KR doesn't just play music; half our programming is news, talk, comedy, discussion and issues. By putting us out of business, BMI and everyone else in their league effectively is silencing community radio and independent voices in a very repressive way. It smacks of Aldous Huxley or somesuch. It's just fucked.

I am terrified of what happens when political clout is powered by corporate motivations and interests. This is happening here. It's happening every day these days. It's why killradio needs to stay alive.


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