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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Wow. It's like I'm fifteen all over again, but with all the nutball issues I've picked up along the way.

Love. It'll fuck you up, but in a good way.

That sounds like some sort of Volkswagen ad.

On heavy rotation now:
Liz Phair, "Glory": I don't know quite what it's about from her point of view, but to me it makes me think of those fucked-up men who you find irresistible.
Twilight Singers, "King Only": God, it's good. Really, really good. A story of failure, a crashing fall from glory, and loss, sans the redemption part; but nonetheless uplifting in its chorus, which reaffirms the character's love, regardless of whether it is requited or not.
Juno, that third song on A Future Lived In Past Tense: I can't recall the damn title, 'cause they're all so weird and long, but this song is amazing. It builds to an incredible crescendo, with the vocalist screaming "You are the beautiful," over and over. Awesome.


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