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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

It's a full moon tonight. Lately--maybe I'm doing it psychosomatically, I donno--I've been really affected by them. I am too intense as it is, and this makes it....well, not worse, but it multiplies my spastic brain waves or some such crap like that.

Blogger is being bitchy. If I go down briefly, I'll buy my own damn domain and site and get shite goin' on my own terms. Pain in the ass, yes, but worth it I think. If you don't see me for a day or two, maybe run a google on overhaul / undertow. I'll try to make sure I'm there.

For all, say, three of you.

Hi mom.


and as a side note, I'd like to warn visitors to the LA area and locals alike to stay the fuck out of Glendale, Burbank, and its environs. It's not a city or a region at all. Cleverly hidden from all city, county, and national maps, and invisible even from orbit, the entire east San Fernando Valley is actually a warp in space, and upon entering you are swallowed up into a sprawling intergalactic morass of "streets" (that's what they call them, but we all know they're really just spatial fluxes) that appear to be measured in "miles" but actually take light-years to traverse, requiring anyone brave enough or dumb enough to enter this zone to enter cryogenic sleep and possibly engineer a biosphere in their car (lucky for me, not a problem) to assure self-perpetuation of the species, should they not survive the journey.

Long story short, this place is fucking Nowhere.


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