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Monday, August 05, 2002

maintenance inertia, or the tendency of things to remain still unless acted upon

The light in my bathroom has not worked for three weeks, maybe a month now. Also the wall socket on the exterior wall of the bathroom, it doesn’t work. So it must be something with the wiring in the wall.

Before they went out, I would sometimes try to plug in hairdryers and such into the socket and hear spooky sizzling, popping noises coming from inside the wall, and the hairdryer would only go on at half-power, no matter how high I turned it. Then it stopped going on altogether, so I had to go across my room and plug in into the the power strip for the computer.

I suppose I could call the management about this, but she’s not too bright and I can just see the whole wall going up in flames right now when she sends out a lackey to handle it. This job calls for an electrician, a professional, and I donno how fast she’d hire one…so I’ve been sitting on it. I suppose I’ll write a letter soon enough. Currently I’m burning candles in there, and this makes me feel more…spiritual. It also makes me feel more...hazardous. And I have to say though, after a month of peeing in the dark, it’s becoming a bit tiring. If I want to pee in the dark, I’ll go camping, thank you very much.

And I hardly ever go camping.


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