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Sunday, September 29, 2002

be there or be square, in a non-pomo, non-hip way

Dinah's Fried fucking Chicken.

Between Chevy Chase and Los Feliz Boulevards on San Fernando Avenue, in Glendale. Not the grodey, soulless, business-tax-exempt downtown Glendale I always bitch about, but old Glendale, where you can see the building facades are actually constructed of brick, and they're near the railroad tracks--which is where Glendale the city grew up, by the railroad station, which has since been turned into a printing house I think, its baroque, art-deco curls of architecture easy to overlook. The sign on Dinah's is to die for: super old-school.

And the Big Fish Bar. Also on San Fernando, a few blocks east of Doran Street and the 5 fwy. overpass, right across from the traintracks and the railyard.


Go and tell me whatcha think.

I bet they have chicken fried steak at Dinah's. ;)


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