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Sunday, September 01, 2002

My friends are divided over the merit of U2.

what can I say? Music-store asshole that I am, lyrical purist that I am, indie-rock snob that I am,
I can't help but love 'em.

Some of their bits'n'bobs that I feel the most acutely, these days:
(any other rabid fans out there who can I.D. the songs they're from? hee hee)

When I was all messed up
And I had opera in my head
Your love was a light bulb
Hanging over my bed

No, nothing makes sense
Nothing seems to fit
and I know you'd hit out
If you only knew who to hit;
And I'd join the movement
If there was one I could believe in;
Yeah I'd break bread and wine
If there was a church I could receive in--
'cause I need it now--

To take a cup,
To fill it up,
To drink it slow,
I can't let you go;
and I must be an acrobat
To talk like this,
And act like that;
but you can dream
So dream out loud
And don't let the bastards grind you down...

I was walking
I was walking into walls
I'm back again
I just keep walking...
I walk into a window
To see myself
And my reflection
When I thought about it
My direction,
Going nowhere
Going nowhere.

No one...no one is blinder
Than he who will not see
No one...no one is blinder
Than me

I was broken, bent out of shape
I was naked in the clothes you made.
Lips were dry, throat like rust
You gave me shelter from the heat and the dust
No more water in the well
No more water...

Angel or devil (it doesn't matter)--
I was thirsty,
And you wet my lips

The glass is cut
The bottle run dry
Our love runs cold
In the caverns of the night
We're wounded by fear
Injured in doubt.
I can lose myself.
You I can't live without.

Yeah you keep me holding on...


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