overhaul / undertow

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

something has come loose in my brain and is rattling around again .


undone ?

no, I have not had anything to drink, thankyouverymuch.

I'm just in the worst mood. Not "bad mood" as in foul mood, or surly mood, or temperamental.

I just feel like I'm about to (a)puke, or (b)cry, or (c)stare at the ceiling for hours with a worried expression on my face for reasons i cannot comprehend.

and no, it is not "that time of the month."


I haven't had a tv for years, but I wish I had one now. It is such a lovely distraction.

I'm fine, really I am, and there is nothing much to say about it. It comes from nowhere. When it's gone it goes back to nowhere. It is caused by nothing specific and is eased by nothing specific. there is no surefire cause and no silver bullet. I just oscillate wildly. I'll be fine tomorrow.


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