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Friday, January 10, 2003

...inspired to new lows of broke-ness by Tana's money woes?

There may be truth to the "roommates' lives move in similar patterns" stuff--or maybe not, since I prolly couldn't get a loan now if my life depended on it.

I had enough money to cover the rent check in the bank, plus a $700 overdraft limit. So why the bouncy boing-boing-boing?

Ah-ha--listen, grasshoppah--money you put in at the ATM is held for a 24-hour period. Thus the boing.

I had heard of the ATM-hold phenomenon, but it just didn't occur to me that this would trip me up; that the stars and the timing of the whole universe would get up on its side and tilt to the left to allow the little pinballs of serendipity to click, rattle, and finally slow their pendulum-metronomic movement into the parts of the cosmic machine that would fuck me up so effectively.

I can't believe it--if I could go back in time, to that lunch break I took to go to the bank, and just take the effing time to stand it that damn long-ass line, instead of being little miss clever-multitasker and trotting out to the ATM, I wouldn't have a bounced rent check on my record and would still have the cumulative 31 bucks in fees I've been charged for this bullshit!

Fuck washington mutual.

Does anyone know if this kinda stuff goes on a report when a potential new landlord runs your credit?


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