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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I am competent

I am so proud of me.

Before you get all annoyed and grossed out by that statement, let me just say I am rarely if ever impressed by myself, and if I do anything of note I immediately tend to bury it in an avalance of "you could have done better" so...this is unusual.

I am totally exhausted and am working downtown at the Brewery every night until past midnight, helping others witht heir Burning Man projects and working on my own. Today I learned to saw metal. You know, like with sparks flying off in all directions and eyegoggles and earmuffs and the whole nine metal-shop yards. My shade structure is almost complete, and I've made the whole thing myself.

On an even bigger note of accomplishment, today I cashed a check for $100. That's not unusual. What was new is that it was payment for an article I wrote--my very first ever. Appearing this Thursday in the Arts and Ideas section of the LA Alternative Press (http://www.laalternativepress.com/). I met with the lead editor of the paper and she wants to collaborate with me on a feature, a huge article. I am so thrilled!!!

I may be exhausted and working nonstop, but good things are happening. My life feels so full of wonderful change. I can't wait to go to Burning Man!!!


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