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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I am a ham

So the short stop, a hipster bar in echo park, has this new black-n-white photo booth. I've discovered it roughly contemporaneously with my small epiphany that I actually enjoy having pictures taken of me. This means all hell has broken loose.

See, I used to think it was narcissistic or self-aggrandizing to dare to enjoy pictures of oneself. Heaven forbid you be able to ever sit there and say, Hey, I look good! So I shrank from all cameras, screeching "NotmeNotmeNotme" whenever someone tried to take my picture. And the pictures that did get taken blew big time.

But as soon as I began loosening up and hamming it up, the pics got good. Great, even. I think I look better in photos, now, than I do in real life.

And I *love* photo booths. They're great because it's this frozen moment in time with you and your friends. Here's a few, below:

Normal and I with Guy, some very tolerant random...guy; Cheney and I; and Normal and I again.

Who's the next victim...er, I mean, subject?


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