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Monday, June 20, 2005

wish me luck!

I am interviewing for an assistant editor position at Variety -- yes, the entertainment industry bible -- tomorrow.

The editor interviewing me is interested in taking on a full-time assistant
editor. It would be for her work on a new section, "V Life Weekend",
which will cover local events, arts and culture, all that.

I'm a good person for the job because I am plugged into a multiplicity
of scenes and am pretty well informed on the arts and culture scene in
LA. I am a decent writer, a good communicator, and a fast learner.

Minuses: I have very little experience in layout. The programs
publishers use for creating layouts, and even the old-school paste-up
procedure, are things I have almost no experience with. I also look
relatively young, which I guess for this sort of work could be a plus
rather than a minus, but I'm not sure. I don't know what expectations
are for positions of this sort, and have no knowledge of what a
reasonable salary would be.

Any advice on how to approach this meeting, how to sell myself without
being dishonest about my shortcomings, etc?

I may or may not get this position--que sera, sera, and if I don't get
it I will accept it simply wasn't right for me. But I would love to
nail the interview. In my life so far, I've often acted from an
immature or childlike position--showing up late for work, resenting my
work, being passive agressive towards bosses, wishing for something to
change or get better, living in my unpaid side projects and putting very
little energy into my work, walking into things from a position of
powerlessness. I want to work on being a grown-up, and this seems like
part of that.


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