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Sunday, January 22, 2006

You'd think I'd learn

This is how it works, without fail, almost every time I attempt to [legitimately] acquire music:

1. I hear music I like.
2. I say, "Hey, that's great! Who is it?"
3. They say, "It's blah blah blah." (This weekend, it was Haiku d'etat, from Splat's show on theoryradio.)
4. I decide to buy the music, rather than limewiring it (which is, um, ethically ambiguous).
5. I peruse the available albums. I do not know the song titles of the music I heard, but I attempt to logically deduce which album likely holds the particular songs I liked.
6. I pay money for this album, of which I have very, very little right now.
7. I am completely fucking WRONG about which album I should have bought and end up totally pissed off that I spent the money.

aaaaaaaaargh. fucking fuckity fuck fucking fuck. FUCK.

I don't have ten bucks to throw at music and be wrong about it every god damn time. I have about $100 to get thru the next week.

Maybe I shouldn't have bought *anything*, given my tight budget this week. I am a fucking idiot, and a broke-ass one at that.

I am just getting more and more annoyed with myself. I feel like a total fucking loser. Yikes, talk about a downward spiral. Watch her go!!!!


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