overhaul / undertow

Thursday, May 09, 2002

setlist of the overhaul, 5/8/2002:
spiritualized, I didn't mean to hurt you
lush, light from a dead star and kiss chase
dntel, This is the dream of evan and chan
weakerthans, everything must go and aside
the get up kids, I'm a loner, dottie, a rebel
weakerthans, without mythologies
whiskeytown, sit & listen to the rain (demo version, offa the Fucker Demos)
weakerthans, left and leaving
the new amsterdams, proceed with caution
wilco, hotel arizona
juno, cover of dj shadow's non-equivalents
neko case, the virginian
death cab for cutie, cover of bjorks' all is full of love
mogwai, punk rock
shudder to think, red house
bjork, joga
clem snide, evil vs. good
the gloria record, a lull in traffic
clem snide, the curse of great beauty
afghan whigs, faded
idlewild, little discourage
earlimart, someday you're gonna love me
olivia tremor control, love athena
wilco, a shot in the arm
whiskeytown, crazy about you
dismemberment plan, respect is due
pernice brothers, flaming wreck.


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