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Friday, June 28, 2002

So some new developments are occurring.

I picked the sword back up after two years away. And when I did it, I did it here.

So maybe someday soon I'll actually get good at the thing again. In the meantime, my legs are killing me. Sifu always taught me to do the form with very low stances, and so I went right back to the way I'd been taught; but now I can barely walk! Maybe next week I'll go a little easier on the knees.

Also am anxiously awaiting a raise, the proposal for which was prolly the most comprehensively researched ever to cross the desks at this company. Hell, I should get a raise for writing the damn proposal itself.

And I had an MRI last night, while heavily sedated by a thrilling [not] combo of Xanax and Ketel One.

Did I mention I'm claustrophobic?


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