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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

from letters sent to adbusters mag, july / aug 2002, addressing the idea of postmodernism:

"'Born in 1985, my youth fell into the crack between revolution and aftermath. I can neither participate in the former nor revel in the latter. To paraphrase the great postmodernist author Chuck Palahniuk: I have no war to fight, no Great Depression. My war is a spiritual one, my great depression is my life.'"
leigh beadon, alton, ontario

"'Even subversive art or messages, such as Adbusters itself, are still just dumping more on the collective consciousness. A truly postmodern artwork would go back to before we could even write or speak, before we were even human and observed the beautiful silent art of the universe.'"
joshua dallman, portland, oregon

"'One of the characteristics of postmodernism is a search for ways of living heroically in an inherently meaningless world. The more I contemplate upon death and my mortality, the more it inspires me to live my life like a work of art.'"
brian clifton, baton rouge, louisiana

I like that last one a lot. -m.


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