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Thursday, August 15, 2002

by the way, I know the archive links are invisible. I am lazily working on this thing. What is the funnest thing is that I began this constructions stage almost immediately after I plugged this site into a "Blog hot or not" thingy (No, I won't give you the url--it's a sick little form of self-promotion alternating with self-punishment and I won't make you a party to it) and now since the site is so craptastic my rating is prolly vying for the lowest on the hot or not scale. I'm happily surprised by how I have not been over sensitive about this, since I'm usually the type to take any negative criticism harshly. I actually am finding it funny. Which is a relief, 'cos now I have time to actually make this site the way *I* want it, not the way that scores higest in some effin focus group or something.


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