overhaul / undertow

Monday, September 02, 2002

"what is....salvation?"....."Salvation is when you are saved."
-the twilight singers

nothing in life is so full of grace--
not even mary's tears falling on your shoulder could make you feel more blessed than this, could bring you such overwhelming gratitude--
nothing in life is so full of grace,
knowing i am an impefect creature still, knowing i have hurt others, knowing i have been unkind and made grave mistakes in this lifetime,
and still, still, to recieve the kindess of others,
in the face of all that, with full knowledge of all that,
and still the kindness and the love persists...

recent events have made me think that in the final analysis humans are animalistic and brutal on the inside.

recenter events--more precisely, the kindness of others--have shown me that we are, perhaps, not.

you didn't just save my life. i think you saved my faith.


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