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Sunday, October 06, 2002

Drove up Haleakala.

Gave ride half-way to Rastafarian who was walking to Hana. The road to Hana is a bitch. I can't fathom walking (52 miles). He seemed perfectly happy, though. I really envied the way he took full advantage of life.

Took photo of a man's garden with small shrine to Mary; man subsequently gave me four big apples from said garden.

Was offered joint by two men kicking back and enjoying the view at a park halfway up the mountain; I declined due to the curvy two-lane highway, but thanked them profusely.

Got "hang loose" and thumbs-up signs from a horde of Harley / Triumph bikers on their way down Haleakala, while I was taking shots of a church whose steeple and the cross that adorned it were backlit by the sun as it slanted through the fog and clouds that are perpetually climbing down the grassy slopes there.

In short, a good day.

Will be flying home tomorrow. I have been homesick, but have also had a good time. I am not looking forward to getting back to find myself broke--I don't get paid days off.

But I did get four apples.


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