overhaul / undertow

Thursday, October 17, 2002

lyrics by liz phair:

i know i dont always realize how sleazy it is, messing with these guys but something about just being with you slapped me right in the face, nearly broke me in two its a mark i've taken hard and i will carry with me for a long long time i dont know if i could drive a car fast enough to get to where you are, or wild enough not to miss the boat completely... I don't know if I could fly a plane well enough to tailspin out your name, or high enough to lose control completely.
Honey, I'm thinking maybe...you know, just maybe.

I broke up at the roadhouse. I wouldn't know you were alive; you haven't seen me for weeks now.
It wouldn't shock you if I drove right out through the back of your eyes--and
I can't be trusted, they're saying I can't be true.
But I only wanted more than I knew.
Baby I'm tired of fighting.
I always wanted you.
I only wanted more than I knew.

...and lyrics by whiskeytown:

Well I can tell
She can tell
(See what you have been losing...)


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