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Thursday, October 10, 2002

letters from Iraqi teenagers:

Mohamed Ahmed Issa
Baghdad - Iraq

Dear Daniel,

My name is Fahad. First I want to thank you about your nice feelings toward our people in Iraq. I'm 17 years old too. Let me tell you about my day. I start school at 8:00 o'clock exactly like you. I go to school every day except Friday, because it is the formal holiday in our country. When I don't go to school I play my favorite sport Football [soccer]. Also, I have a computer. We are not killers, really.

Here in Iraq we love all peoples in the world and we try to help them if we could. All people in the world must not believe everything bad said about us in programs made specially to produce bad facts about Iraq. So we are a people like the peace and work to get it. Because whatever I say I can't describe to you how much Iraqi people suffered after the war.

At the end I really want to tell you that I like you very much because
I believe that the person who like music has deep feelings inside. I hope we'll become friends if you send me a letter to know more about each other.

Your Iraqi Friend,

27 September, 2002
Iraq - Baghdad
Al-Markazia Secondary School
Mohamed Sidigge El-Dubassi

Dear Friend,

My name is Mohamed Sidigge El-Dubassi. I am 19 years old. I am student in final year in the secondary stage. My school name is Centre Secondary in Baghdad. My father to have plenty of work to do because he work in journalism. My mother is artist and sketcher. I love sports. I love Manchester United. I love David Beckham, Rod Van Netelroy, and Roy Keane.

I love happy life. This is my life on generally.

In the end, I thank you on you read my letter. I expect your letter.

Love Always,
Your friend Mohamed El-Dubassi

For all the letters, visit http://www.wagingpeace.org/articles/02.10/1003iraqpenpal.htm.


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