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Friday, January 24, 2003

this is your brain on Crunch Berries

I want a drink. It's been a really intense day at work, probably the most intense day since I began this position.


Yay for the weekend.

I'd also like to state that I plan to watch the super bowl.

I hate watching sports. I also don't have a tv, so this means I will have to go to a bar or a friend's house or something. So why am I watching the super bowl?

The commercials.

This is weird, 'cos I am always ranting about how much I despise consumer culture and it's cheap, trite, lame-ass and overly glib attempts to manipulate me and morph my brain into a consumption machine. But honestly, now, it's been effing forever since I saw television, and I'm hankering for some good old-fashioned brain candy, much in the manner that one might crave, say, Captain Crunch.

Mmmm. Maybe they'll have a commercial for that, too.


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