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Sunday, April 06, 2003

the physics of...pasties

Yes, I am.

I am auditioning.

I can't fucking believe I let Normal (aka Danielle) talk me into this. But I gotta agree with her: I've always nursed a shamefully secret desire to do it. To command the attention of a room is one thing--to do it THIS way is another level entirely. It is so formidable, so unapolagetic, so brave, so proud, so ebulliently blossomingly blusteringly aggressive. It truly is an aggressive act, and any woman (or man) who disagrees with me is free to comment.

I'll be using my Chinese sword routine, so that'll be my gimmick. I only have a layman's (laywoman's?) experience with striptease, so I'll have to let the sword be my schtick.

It's quite a schtick (sorry, bad pun), after two years of studious practice.

In semi-related (that is, physically-oriented) news, there's finally a photo of me on the net that I don't hate. i still think I look....fluffy...in it, though.

Here, it's from the Twine show: http://www.monkeyview.net/id/491/twine/index.vhtml we're photo 18...this is my friend lydiadeetz's site. She's awesome. So are Mark and Greg, who I ended up hanging with 'til I comandeered lydiadeetz's camera.

Anyone who can get a photo of me where I don't look fat or drunk (in real life I am not fat, but often drunk), I'll pay you some serious cashmoney. Yo.


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