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Saturday, April 05, 2003

the thrill and the joy of art openings

Went to a very hipster-ish event tonite, and figured out a clue to how to function in such situations.

In order to succeed at that discussion with random people that is an inevitable part of such events, you must possess the firm belief that what you are saying is Very Interesting.

If you’re worried you’re being boring or crass or mundane or gauche or trite, you will shut up and look like a deer in headlights. You will also feel like one. Then you will drink too much. If there is enough booze left. Which there never is, 'cos you arrived fashionably late.

If, on the other hand, you are firm in your conviction that your blather about your little brother’s difficulties with his bike is Very Interesting, others will believe your little glamour and be unable to leave your side, their attention rapt.

Fascinating. Once again, it all comes down to swagger, and perhaps a bit of narcissism: you gaze in the mirror long enough and other people lean over your shoulder and peek in, sure that you're enraptured by something truly enthralling.

Interestingly, one of the featured photographs on display was one the artist had taken of two of my friends, Sid and LuckyDave, from Fireplay LA. Before we got kicked out of our most recent practice location we'd meet every week to practice firebreathing, firespinning, fire-eating, etc. It was interesting to see that this tres-chic photog had gone to our practice, thought we were cool, and taken shots. And here I was looking at his work, feeling squashed by the omnipresent and stifling Cool in the room.

All in the eye of the beholder. What do they say about glamour--that it cannot exist without the sense of exclusivity?

I'm reminded of the lyrics from a song I heard a long time ago and forgot the name of the musician--forgive me:

LA artist, LA artist
we eat 'em for breakfast, eat 'em for breakfast
Whadda they know? Whadda they know?
Where'd all the dip go? Where'd all the dip go?


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