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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Michele is slowly dissolving...

I dyed my hair with Feria on Saturday, a dark red. Now my entire fucking head is swelling up and my glands are swollen and achy. It's actually a little difficult to swallow. It doesn't look weird at first glance, but I can tell.

Apparently there's a chemical in some dyes that causes this. Der.

I can't honestly get all up in arms about this; I can't be all self-righteously indignant, 'cos I didn't do an allergy test with the dye before I used it. And I tend to have sensitive skin. I just never had a problem with hair dye before, and I assumed that this dye job would be uneventful like any other. But with me, nothing is ever that simple. So add this to the list of things I should have known were gonna cause a problem but still did nothing about.

So watch out for things containing phenelenediamine and ethylenediamine. They appear in some red dyes & red paints, some "black henna" tatoos, and some epoxy glues and solvents.

I've got a doctor's appointment later today, hopefully he can shoot me up with some cortisone.


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