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Monday, January 27, 2003

starting off on the right f***ing foot

What are your first coherent thoughts of the day?

For some those come shortly after a shower and coffee, but for me they don't occur until they're absolutely necessary: when I've left the house, and am driving in morning rush-hour traffic through the heart of Hollywood, on my way to work.

LA is a driver's city as well as a driver's worst nightmare: no other American city of such scale has been designed (if LA can even be said to have been designed--I doubt you could really attribute much self-awareness to its spontaneous generation) and built after the popularization of the motor vehicle, and no other city better typifies American social consciousness. You'll find the few rare examples of drivers who let you in or give the "thank you wave," but on the whole it's a town that pays facile lip service to brave-new-world, lattès-for-all tolerance for fellow man while deep down in its Cadillac-Escalade-gut gunning to ream you right off the road.

Most people's first thought and first words of the morning are some sort of meditation on their dislike for work--one which is predicated on their hopes and dreams for something better, a vivid and lovely alternative to their cubicle-driven existence, a dream close to their heart, that they nurture and hold dear. Others think about getting their loved ones taken care of, off to school / work with sandwiches and themselves off to their own job where they look forward to chatting it up with coworkers. Their first words of the day are something like "Morning, Bob," or "Hi honey, how'd you sleep?" or "I better get some gas," or "Can I get nonfat milk in that?"

My first conscious thought of the day is Getthefuckoffthemotherfuckingroadyoumotherfuckingsonofabitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or [muttered] youstupideffingmoron;

or ohforcryingoutloud jesuseffingchrist.

I can't help but think this is having a negative impact on my worldview and damping my elàn a bit.


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