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Thursday, March 06, 2003

A little night music, a little morning fog

Went to the Twine event with Mash Up Soundsystem last night at the Knitting Factory...it was great. It was neat to see them in action and the music was incredible. I think it's really quite rare. Breakcore and noise-broken beats-type stuff is pretty new and it was very fun to be a part of such an intimate show, with the dj's and laptoppers hanging off the stage, dancing with the audience...

But two kamikazes would have been enough. That third one, as always, was a bad idea.

So what was it that saved my sorry ass at 9:30 am this morning when I verrrrry sloooowly eased my achy hungover self onto my office chair and stared, drooling, at the up-close detailing of the faux-wood formica of my desk?

Few things clarify the important parts of life and cut thru the morning misery like the Swedish Chef: "Herndee berndee, en dee chocolat, yerm yerm yerm, en de moose...moose? Mooshe mooshe mooshe."

Thank you Kazaa, for delivering the magic of the Swedish Chef to mitigate my hangover. I feel so much better!


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