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Friday, January 23, 2004

guess who loves her new gadget

Yay, new photo-phone!
If any of these pics come up "x"ed-out, try refreshing; I've got a lotta pictures up on the site these days and it's a bit much for lil' Blogger to handle.

The First Annual Hunter S. Thompson Rampage and Normal's Birthday:

Date (Brian), Little Bit, and Gary; beautiful Jenna; me getting arty with a martini glass; Normal as Hunter.

Normal raisin' da roof; Vanessa as Hunter; her again; Normal tormenting a waffle.

Jaylinn's Fabulous Thirtieth Birthday:

The JBird exhaling; our class picture; Jaylinn and the awesome Torrey.

The night of Meat Loaf at the WeHo Party Haus (also known as Scooter's Pad)

Patrick by lavalamp; Keith looking spookily like Iggy Pop; Patrick again; Ben and I (this photo taken by Patrick, nice work!)

And randomity:

Vanessa being a tard, having a "drinking problem"; COOLEST.STATE.MOTTO.EVER.

and now, the reason why I'm in a better mood today than I was in the post below:

Normal mentioned a cross country road trip to me.


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