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Thursday, February 26, 2004


Ever fall in love with someone based on a short span of time, and experience, only to have that time end and life move on but you're still stuck, in love with an idea, and with a memory, that no longer exists and maybe never did; and even the object of your affections has changed or is in a radically different place than they were at the time you fell in love with them, and you can even spend time with them and see, objectively, that they are not the icon you hold so dear in your heart; but still the ghost holds you, and you can't seem to shake it?

I never feel that way.


oh we kissed only once
in your stripped-out apartment
you sold all your furniture
so we kissed on the carpet
it's like a whaling ship being on tour
you know next day you gotta set sail
in your 350 Ford
oh but you.
You were my Fiji.
Believe me.
Those hours with you, they
only expand...
and you're a stripper now in New Orleans
fucking whale sank my van and
took my shipmates into the sea...

-john vanderslice, "you were my fiji"


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