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Monday, February 16, 2004

Getting drunk at home alone is NOT the worst thing in the world.

I actually feel as though it's RESPONSIBLE.

For instance, I'm NOT operating a motor vehicle, nor do i have to work in the morning. No one gets hurt. I inconvenience no one. My car is parked somewhere where I'll know where to find it in the morning. No one else is here, no strangers are around. It's really quite grand. Its' the ultimate in non-impactful inebriation.

Oh my god.




Tana [my fantabulous roommate] just got in. I know cos I heard our door open, close, and then her door open and close.

Oh shit. I can assume she has to work tomorrow, and that can't be fun, cos it's 3:34 a.m. right now. Yuk. I'm so glad I took tomorrow morning off.

Tana, I love you. I hope you are not tired when you read this. I heard you come in, but didn't want to bug you [no one wants an effusive roommate at 3:35 a.m.]. So, much in the manner in which you are currently going to sleep, I am as well, since I just polished off the dregs of a bottle of shiraz I bought at TJ's about two weeks ago (I feel like I'm getting better, drinking them in MORE than a week, rather than in the span of two nights). Goodnight. Yay.

I also feel like I got the killradio benefit thing ironed out (we got a headliner!!!), and so, yay.



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