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Thursday, February 12, 2004

who REALLY cares...

So on my way home from work last night Normal called me and wanted to go out. So we went out.

We often go to the Short Stop, a bar on Sunset near downtown that's awesome for its cheap draft PBR, its bartender who likes Normal and calls her "Farrar," its pinball machines, and its fan-FUCKING-tastic photo booth, the images from which are just great--black and white, high contrast, very clear, slightly antique-looking. Once there we were immediately accosted by the guys from the band 400 Blows, an excellent and uncategorizable LA band whose sound I just simply can't compare to anything else out there these days--you either really appreciate it, or hate it. We all hung out with Scot, Christian, and Ferdie, and took pictures--the tradition has become to accost others and demand they take pictures with us, and we shall continue in this grand tradition until we break that fucking machine.

So once I scan those pics in you'll see 'em here.

Then we went down one block to the Little Joy, a bar with one letdown of a name (I mean, if you had a bar, wouldn't you want to call it Stupendous Happy Thrilling Joy? weird) and a ladies' room with more graffiti than Jim Morrison's grave (although my fave is still a ladies' room in a bar in Prescott, AZ). Just inside the door someone had scrawled in black Sharpie, "WHO REALLY CARES?" and then created a numbered list. Subsequent visitors to the restroom had filled out the list until it almost--almost--reached the floor. On the list were names like Ralph Nader, Michael Moore, Julian Casablancas (guy with good hair, from The Strokes--oh wait, that's not very descriptive), KXLU (great LA college station), Carrow's ("Carrow's Family Restaurant Cares!"), Hans Blix (UN Weapons Inspector), John Peel (music dude), etc., etc., etc. Someone even wrote "Thanks Santa!" We liked that one.

Well, Normal and I felt obliged to make one little addition. See, we know who REALLY cares.

Miss that? Here's a close-up:

We were immensely satisfied with ourselves after that. :)

So visit the Little Joy, and see a memento to MattShaw's caring soul enshrined within.

Hee heee heeeee.....


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