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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

the Rorschach that is my car

Contents of my car include but are not limited to:

1 framed cardboard icon of the Virgin Mary
1 Japanese Super Lucky Cat
1 necklace won during a stripping contest at Burningman
1 "not responsible for lost items" card stolen from a room at the Stardust in Vegas
1 big silver tai chi sword
1 fire sword with imbedded wick for soaking in gasoline
1 ballerina costume with light pink long tulle skirt and pink bodice, pearl-beaded collar
1 pair army-issue dust goggles
1 survival kit with supplies for two days
1 business card from tattoo parlor in Arizona with map scrawled on the back
1 small card with Virgin Mary on one side, prayer in Spanish printed on the other
1 decapitated head, about 1 inch tall, from tiny kitten figurine, gift from Laura
1 small baseball bat, solid wood, painted green
1 can camping fuel (white gas)
2 empty bottles of tequila (in trunk)
1 empty bottle of Chuck Shaw merlot (in trunk)
essential oil of cinnamon
essential oil of tea tree
bag of white chocolate chips
lots and lots of maps
straw cowboy hat
large black trench coat with tear on one sleeve, mended with staples
1 pair kitten-heeled red pumps with retro stitching detail and wraparound ankle straps
yoga mat
tent, rolled up
sleeping bag, rolled up
comforter from my bed, placed in car three months ago with every intention of immediately taking it to the cleaners...has not yet been cleaned
bag of mixed nuts
several small rocks
spray perfume
bandanna and breather for use during dust storms and political protests
six half-consumed bottles of Diet Coke

I think that's all I can remember for now.
Anyone who came across the contents of my car could be forgiven for thinking I'm certifiably insane.

I find this amusing. :)


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