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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

hot cheesy goodness

The 2004 Grilled Cheese Invitational was a sizzling success.

Yum! :)

After I witnessed Van's win for "Missionary Position" Grilled Cheese Sammich (a win, I suspect, as reliant on her sammich-grilling technique as on her extraordinary powers of persuasion) and the awards ceremony, I toodled on over to Paul's place, where Jaylinn, Paul, and several others were carousing to say Goodbye to Cheney--it was his last night in LA.

Safe travels, kiddo.

Gallagher's a good cook AND an excellent writer; Dave used goat cheese and olive tapenade; Tanman, Van and Brian eagerly await the outcomes; this guy's real nice but I forgot his name. Sorry.

Another winner is called; Bobtoberfest, Dougie, Van and the incomparable K'mo wait anxiously; Eno and Shady, mad geniuses, explain it all. And then.....

Exultation!!! Vanessa WINS!!! The nation is safe! It is necessary, however, for her to explain her shirt, above. Also, the Spaz award winners accept their prize for the wack-est sammiches in the contest: Blue. Everything blue. AND they have an accordion.

The winner's circle (note Van's wheelchair); the winners again, standing around a few seconds later; Vanessa is very very happy with her trophy (figure, seated in wheelchair, with huge grilled cheese on lap).

Then off to Paul's, where I gave Jaylinn a paper hat from the GCI. She'd really wanted to go (she attended culinary school), but had a conflict. Note that bitchen' tattoo on her back.
Cheney and his pal Cliff mug for the camera; and finally me, with another one of my perennial self-portraits that I'm sure point to a hopeless case of narcissism. Or, as Gary writes, I could just be feeling unloved.


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