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Friday, April 02, 2004

great mysteries of life

Men of the world. Answer me this.

You meet a girl through friends. You didn't know each other before. You meet up at a local bar for a date. It's a great date. She's cute. You have a blast. You talk for hours. You kiss her goodnight. It's a great, long, drawn-out goodnight kiss. You correspond via email within two days to tell her you had a great time and you should do it again.

A week goes by. Then ten days. Then two weeks.

She emails you to unsubtly say she'd be thrilled to see you.

Why don't you CALL?

You all suck, each and every one of you.


4.5.2004, 7:36 pm:

Oh. You just were hung over when she called, and then busy all weekend, but you wrote her promptly on Monday to ask her out again.


Women of the world, why do we panic?


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