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Monday, June 27, 2005

My nozomi is unstable.

Nozomi: Japanese for "new hope for the future."


Well, I finally went for it, decided I'd rather hear news of any sort rather than sit and wait and wonder, and called the Variety editor.

To my question if she'd chosen an assistant editor yet, she replied that No, she hadn't, and she'd be doing that in a day or so. Which only leads me to believe that other people were in the running--something she had decidedly inferred was NOT the case when we met. I guess I'm a sucker. When an interviewer says "Well, you sound great," I believe them.

In order to keep myself on the forefront of her mind and to make an effort at proving I'm proactive 'n' shit, I'm going to send her a few completed articles on upcoming events about town, as well as a few targeted for the specific sections she'll be having in this publication.

And in order to keep myself from losing my mind, I'm going to continue applying for other jobs.

Que sera, sera.

I just hope that whatever "sera's" is not crappy.


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