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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

so I went to the hospital, got x-rayed, got told I won't have any answers until tomorrow, came home to relax and rest up, then fielded a call from work telling me they need something fixed (way for me to relax--fuck), and finally unwound with a phone call to lovely Jake, who called when he discovered that this blog had turned into "Michele's Weblog of Pain."

On that topic, I am debating taking off the blow-by-blow account, as it just makes people unhappy, especially when there's nothing they can really do to help.
Jake has a point though, in that it did happen, and it is the truth, so maybe I'll leave it up. I donno.

I feel better, altho not completely; it looks like I drank enough water and took enough medicine that the stones will dissolve rather than come out of me, which is a good thing, 'cos that shit ain't fun by a long shot.

I'm worried about having missed work on a day they found fault with something I'd produced, but not much can be done about it now.

All in all, I'm stressed. I want to get back to my projects, both work-related and personal, as soon as I can.


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