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Tuesday, September 03, 2002

the mathematics of redemption:


one very large beer
two drinks mixed from southern comfort and coke
one goofball party
two people dear to me whom i did not want to let down
three-inch heels
a slippery bathroom floor
a wall i had been encouraged to write on for art's sake


a relatively high tolerance built up thru practice and application
the desire to not look like an idiot


a mysterious dent in a wall
a fallen plant
my inability to recall anything
headaches that have lasted over a week
what was reported to me after the fact as extreme disorientation, insensitivity and completely flailing and upset behavior on my part

and it all means?

it all means that Trish found a dent in the wall. Where I slipped on three-inch heels and hit my head and knocked over a plant. Where I got up quickly not wanting to look stupid (even tho i was alone when it happened) even though I couldn't remember, all the sudden, what was going on.

I got really drunk and lame, yes, but maybe, maybe, not as bad as I thought.
Still drunk enough to fall and hit my head though.

It could have been so so much worse. What if I hadn't gotten up at all?


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