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Friday, October 25, 2002

...all this, and spastic too!

My poor roommate walked in on me stark raving nekkid in the kitchen yesterday morning. She leaves for work every morning at 8:30, and that's about when I get up; I'd just gotten out of the shower and it was time for breakfast. I was going for the drip-dry method. Who would know--she was gone, right?


I began manically hopping up and down (why did I think that would make it better?) trying to cover the critical realms and grabbed the poor hapless dishtowel to cover, well, almost nothing, since the dishtowel is not too very large; and all I could yell as I heard her walk into the room was "nakednakednaked!!!!" like some sort of error warning, continuing to crouch over and hop around like a freak.

I am a moron.

Consider this a public apology, Tana. I am quite sure you will tease me about it for the rest of my life: the wages of stupidity.

But I could have SWORN she'd left for work! She ALWAYS leaves at 8:30! How could I have known she was home sick--and that she walks so quietly she almost snuck up on me!!!

Oh, why bother? I'm shamed for all eternity. Go on, mock me.


Moral of the story: Spare yourself and others. Wait 'til you get a place of yer own to get TOO comfortable.


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