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Sunday, October 20, 2002

...to perihelion?

Phew. After four months dye-free, I've finally returned my hair to its former red-orange glory. Rah!

Feeling a good bit better, and it's either that (a) the dye soaked into my small primeval lizard brain to push the "happy" button, releasing dopamine and serotonin or (b) an internal move, a change in tides, shifted to lean me sideways just enough to get up off the bed and color my hair a color that, as a painter, I quite thoroughly dig. (I would never wear it, but for some reason orange looks good in my hair and on household objects. Ah well.)

It'll fade over the next two weeks or so to become just plain red au natural, but for now the hair (if not quite the rest of me) looks a bit like the girl from Alias if she'd been eating a few too many carrots.

I do hope that there is that bit within myself that moved to haul me up and out of my crap mood ( and not just carcinogenic chemicals seeping into my brain stem). I hope that as much as my life, like a car with lousy alignment, pulls to the shoulder and threatens to drop me off the edge of the road, it has a decent enough driver to keep to the correct side of the lines and not plow, head on, into anything too awful to manage.

A tropism towards the light, if you will.

Main Entry: peri·he·lion
Pronunciation: "per-&-'hEl-y&n
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural peri·he·lia /-'hEl-y&/
Etymology: New Latin, from peri- + Greek hElios sun -- more at SOLAR
Date: 1666
: the point in the path of a celestial body (as a planet) that is nearest to the sun -- compare APHELION


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