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Friday, November 08, 2002

the cursed radio hour

"...there are some special dates to watch that should prove to be especially bright and happy for all Aquarians, no matter what day you were born, or what you do for a living. On the following dates, Mars will stage an important cosmic phone call on your behalf to certain other planets: First, circle Friday, November 8, Saturday, November 9, and Monday, November 11. Each of these days will be terrific, for Mars will work with both Pluto, planet of transformation, and Jupiter, planet of good fortune. Schedule presentations and meetings. Socially, friends will be in a light mood too, so you might want to get together with the gang. If you do, it would be fun...."
-astrology zone, an appealingly thorough (2-3 pages long, altho not long enough to make me believe in it...anymore) astrology website authored by some nice lady named Susan.

Good fortune my arse.

God bless my punkrock halfass radio station.

We moved into our new space and got the dsl up and running a month ago. The dsl has not gone down once.

Until today. During my first show in months. During the show that I told everyFUCKINGbody about.

I also think I'm gonna change my show back to nights. What do you guys say? Let's face it: the afternoon has no soul. You simply can't conduct the Epiphany Overhaul during daylight. It's a task best suited for latenite skies purple with city lights.

Well, we'll try again next week.

What you would have heard had I not gotten cut off:
modest mouse
unbelievable truth
death cab for cutie
dismemberment plan
the fire show
the pixies
the smiths
creeper lagoon
bright eyes
jets to brazil
the weakerthans
and you will know us by the trail of dead

...and any others I could fit in.


well, did you like what you heard? I'll post the truncated set list as soon as I get a chance.


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