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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Daaamn yo! Our girl's back on the air!*

Finally, after about eight months of delay, I will be back doing my webcast radio show at killradio.org. I am feeling a quickening of the blood, an exhibitionist excitement, and a flooding sense of relief, like finally I can breathe---dj'ing get's into your soul. For some people, I guess. Designing a sine wave of artworks to carry others up and over the invisible topography of day to night, pain to pleasure, the landscape of your own heart as transmitted like blinking distant lights, seen from far at sea...

This show is my lighthouse out to you thru the fog that lies between all discrete and essentially separate souls.

It's called the latenite angelcity epiphany overhaul, and is, I believe, the longest-titled show in the station, but I actually talk very little during the show--the stage fright sticks with you. I donno if I can still call it latenite tho, as it will now be during the day (it used to be wednesdays from 11-1 am, but work now prohibits that--and now I can hit a bar that night like normal people, instead of sitting at the board swigging Stoli inbetween cues.)

The meaning of the words epiphany overhaul are not common knowledge and it's prolly best to visit my other site for ideas about that. If, like me, you were an absolute nerd and enjoyed deconstructing literature themes and disinterring the significance behind cadences, formal structure, and alliterations in prose and poetry, I guess you may figger it out. But don't worry if not: it ain't all that.

Jake is back in town and is doing his killradio show & updating his awesome sociopolitical weblog again too.

So to listen to either of us, visit http://killradio.org/ and click on listen. You prolly already have a player on your computer that'll play us. If not, and you wanna download one fer free, go here: http://killradio.org/static/docs/tools.html. Good list of players.

So, if you want (for some reason) to hear the voice that some asshole in high school yelled at me "sounds like the bitchy goth girl from Roseanne!", well, tune in and hear my highly rarefied and disciminating palate of song choices for y'all. Maybe I'll mumble a few monosyllables.


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