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Friday, November 08, 2002

holy performance anxiety, batman!

Today is the day of my first show back at killradio.org in months, since I began my hiatus for the summer. I am nervous!

Any requests?

One person wrote me saying (I paraphrase) "Er...I donno, um...no Eminem?"

Hee hee hee hoo ha. [pats head.] Don't worry little one, I'm going strictly indie on this one (a few indies owned by majors, but indie nonetheless).

Fuck that "alternative" shit--packaged crap for the masses.

I'm planning on bands you've never heard of, and neither have your cool friends either!!! I hope.

That is, if I can get the board and the mixer to work. Eeeek. Pray I don't fuck this one up.

If you don't mind hearing me quite possibly crash and burn, tune in to killradio.org at 2 pm pacific standard time. I've noticed the volume levels on streaming audio like ours is usually lower than most mp3's, so be prepared to crank it a bit--it won't sound so tinny. Apparently our mics are really loud, tho, so I hope I don't blow y'all out with my voice.

Next week I'm taking it up a notch, bringing in mp3's of live stuff (Ryan Adams covering "Wonderwall" is rad, plus some Johnny Cash covering Hank Williams; also some edgier things like zeni geva (mwahaha) and shellac; and going a bit more experimental with bleeps and glitches; plus some awesome new electro/oldschool rap/turntablism from knifehandchop's "tko from tokyo" and some la dudes like peanut butter wolf maybe); but today is just the hits. I feel a little less nervous that way.

twitchily yours,


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