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Friday, July 26, 2002

I love how some musics, you buy 'em 'cos someone told you they were amaaaaaazing, and you listen and just don't get it; you can't relate, you don't feel it;

and then you listen three months later and you suddenly realize, you comprehend the magic in it.

this has happened for me with wilco, yo la tengo, the olivia tremor control (which I almost--almost--sold), modest mouse (can you belive I didn't like them at first? wow), and so many others...

I'm making a practice of setting aside everything I'm not keen on and waiting six months to a year, listening periodically to see if I can "get it."

I've begun weeding all the unnecessary detritus out of my life, in the interest of returning to those things that are most important; I've even edited down my book collection, but my cd collection is one thing I can't pare down without careful, very careful, premeditation.


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