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Thursday, July 25, 2002

jawbreaker / blake schwartzenbach:

sea foam green
A '63, 10,000 miles. What was I thinking? I drove myself insane. No small getaway. Asleep with both hands on the wheel. White knuckle weekend. Chewing ephedrine. Going to an unnamed end. Unending... We met in rain, you asked me in. Seemed like a good sign. Now I need a guillotine To get you off my mind. I brush my teeth until they break. Until I start bleeding. So when I smile I'll know I'm almost good enough for you. And would you... Follow me to the end of the dare. Raise your eyes, return the stare. Become your words. Your words so becoming. On any Sunday I'll be there. I tried to drink you off my mind. I just got wasted. It only made the pain that much more acute. But cute isn't strong enough a word. Unintentionally gorgeous. An accidental charm. A graceful drinking arm. Disarming...

I love his writing. Check out all the lyrics from Jawbreaker's "Dear You" and Jets To Brazil's "Orange Rhyming Dictionary." Wow.


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