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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Three innarestin' points:

1. The degree to which you, in your disgustingly gargantuan, champagne-white Lexus SUV attempt to prevent me from getting into my desired lane is in direct proportion to the degree to which I will humiliate your sorry insecure gas-guzzling conspicuous-consuming ass when I zip in front of you in my teeny little Saturn and speed off, bitch.

2. What is three feet, three inches tall and 27 inches wide? A street-marketing promotional wheat-paste poster paid for by Nike, Showtime, and USA (with very small corporate logos--it took me three long looks to discover the teeny little hidden Nike swoosh in one of them). Why am I asking you this? Mwahahahaha.

3. My time and intellectual labor are now apparently worth sixteen dollars an hour, rather than thirteen. This means I got the raise. This means I did not get the raise I asked for (foo). This means I will now be able to (barely) pay my bills, save a little, and drink the rest (about ten bucks). Hooray. Well, at least I'm covering the important things. : )



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