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Thursday, September 12, 2002

the worst thing ever

How was your September 11th?

Don't you love the fact that we have a new holiday that, a' la` Labor Day, we can come in a very short period of time to completely forget the true signficance of, and just use as an excuse to take the day off work and burn food items on a barbeque?

When i was a little girl I truly thought Labor Day was a day to celebrate all the Laborers (whoever they were) who had worked so hard that grown-ups could have a day off work once a year. Really.

I wasn't that far off, either. The assumption was made based on available evidence, and was quite accurate for all practical purposes.

This is not license to "move on." This is not a call to arms to run to your local mall to "support the economy." This is not a time to partcipate in pre-fab, carefully constructed "remembrances."

Turn off the tv and conduct your own mourning, in private, and find ways to heal that are made for you and by you, not churned out by the very same megacorporations that export the lowest common denominator of American popular culture to people worldwide, causing them to think of us, halfway across the planet, as a bunch of morons. It should never be one cute packaged little day. Too many people died for that. This kind of thing is the worst thing ever. It happens everywhere--you could be in Gaza right now, wouldn't that be charming--, but it was one of the first time it's happened here--at least that we could remember. It is not about politics anymore. It goes beyond culture. It is complete and utter catastrophe.

People fucking died. Too many people died. And they died because a bunch of morons equated the civilians of the US with the US's media / entertainment / culture exports, and the US's shitty, self-serving, and manipulative foreign policy--with which those morons took issue, and decided was Evil, and so all Americans must be evil, and so they did what they did.

And now we Americans take issue with the acts and ideas of a few politicians and warlords and leaders, and so we go kill civilians too. Here in a suburb outside New York City a little girl misses her daddy, and over in Afghanistan and in Nicaragua and sub-Saharan Africa little girls miss their daddies too.

There are no words. There are no fucking words.


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