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Friday, November 08, 2002

epiphany overhaul playlist . 11/08/02 .

/ | | \ ....

The Walkmen, "We've Been Had" from everyone who pretended to like me is gone.
Unwound, "We Invent You" from leaves turn inside you.
Interpol, "Obstacle 1" from turn on the bright lights.
Black Heart Procession, "Did You Wonder" from amore del tropico.
The Pernice Brothers, "Flaming Wreck" from the world won't end.
Lush, "Light from a Dead Star" and "Kiss Chase" both from split.
I Am The World Trade Center, "Look Around You" from out of the loop.
The Faint, remix of "The Passives" from blank wave arcade.
Dntel with Ben Gibbard, "The Dream of Evan and Chan" from life is full of possibilities.
...and then the dsl crapped out.

woo wee.


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